Caesar Rodney - Liberty Kids

Context: Caesar Rodney was a delegate from Delaware for the Continental Congress and was in support of independence for America. He was sick and missed the straw vote for adopting the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin Franklin believed that Rodney would vote in favor of independence and wanted Moses and James to bring Rodney to the vote for independence the next day, knowing that the only way to get the Declaration adopted was to have a unanimous vote.


Additional Information: Rodney was away on business to deal with Loyalist activity when he heard about the deadlock in the Continental Congress. To join the vote for independence, he rode 70 miles on the night of a thunderstorm to arrive in time. He was able to vote yes for independence on July 2nd.

Clip from Liberty's Kids episode 13 ("The First Fourth of July"), September 18, 2002

Consider this: How does explaining Caesar Rodney’s absence as an illness simplify what actually happened?